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Germinated, Grown and Harvested for You in Cody, WY

Community Makes it Possible

Farm Address: 5002 US Highway 14A, ​​Cody WY 82414  (No USPS deliveries)

eMail Address:  307 899 6316  (NoTexting)

Where to Find Our Produce

Farmers Markets


Farmers Market

9am - Noon

Bob Moore Memorial Parking Lot. 13th and Beck.

Please bring a container for your purchase


Farmers Market

Opens June 2024


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) General Information

Thank you to all who have participated in the Shoshone River Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. If you are curious about what we provided in our 2023 shares, please browse the pictures below.


Early Start: Enjoy fresh produce with our Spring Share option!

Growing Strong: Our crops are thriving in the mild weather.

Employment Opportunities: We're looking for a dedicated full-time farmhand! Share this email with anyone interested or email us at

The CSA Farm / Enrollee Partnership

Community Supported Agriculture creates a direct partnership between the community and the farm. Your seasonal prepayment gives the farm early working cash to help pay for labor, seeds, and other necessary products to get the farm started. Being a partner means sharing the risk and bounty. When growing conditions are favorable, you will receive more produce than expected.  When growing conditions are unfavorable, you may receive less produce than expected. The CSA community supports this farm, assuring you of healthful and nutritious produce for years to come.

We are unable to refund any CSA purchase once the season begins. Events such as soil fertility, bug infestations, hail, cold weather and others can affect what will be available in future weekly shares.  By sharing the risk, you help to ensure the farm will continue another year in the case of some catastrophic event.

If you need to leave the program, please let us know. We may be able to help by selling the remainder of your share to someone on the waiting list. 

Enrollment Options

Spring Share      (6 weeks): $225 (Tuesdays, April 30th - June 4th)  Ended

Summer Share (18 weeks): $675 (Tuesdays, June 25th - October 22nd)

We do not offer partial shares or accept partial payments.

Form Instructions

An Enrollment Form will display:

                      Click the button, or we will not receive your response

'Thank You. You will receive a confirmation eMail.'

If you did not get this message, we did not receive input from the form.

Confirmation and Payment/Pickup eMails

Watch for Emails:

We will send you a confirmation eMail within 48 hours. If you do not receive the eMail, let us know.

We will send an eMail mid-April with payment/pickup instructions for confirmed members.


If you decide to cancel your enrollment,

you can reply to the confirmation email stating you would like to be removed from the CSA enrollment list.

Red-Lodge-Pickup Enrollment Information

Red-Lodge-Pickup Enrollment Information

For Information about the Red Lodge send an eMail to

2024 Spring CSA
2023 Summer CSA

Local Restaurants

Food Hubs

Casper, Wyoming

Jackson, WY

About The Farm

Shoshone River Farm is a 3.5-acre diversified vegetable farm located 8 miles north east of Cody, Wyoming in its 15th year of providing produce to the Bighorn Basin, greater Wyoming, and Montana.

We are a Bio-intensive Farm. With the addition of 1000's of yards of compost, our native soils have become more productive. Organic pesticides are used only when absolutely necessary. Our preferred method of controlling pests is to use predatory insects released throughout the season. Herbicides are only used around our property lines.

​The farm grows vegetables for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where members pick-up produce at the farm weekly. We sell our in season produce at the farmer’s markets in Cody and Powell, food hubs and foodbanks. . The seeds we use are non-GMO.

Vegetable Flowers